Oil & Gas Equipment

Oil & Gas Equipment

This section is responsible for Oil field Services, Oilfield Equipment, Oilfield Supply, which can provide a wide range which include and not limited to:

LPG, LNG Storage Tanks
LPG, LNG Tankers
Propane Tanks
Vessels & Columns
Gas Treating & Process plants
Gas/Oil Turbines
Project Support and Services: Drilling: Equipment & Instruments: Pipes, Pumps and Valves: Mechanical & Electrical Supply: Oilfield Safety Supply:

- Commercial Project Supplies.
- Gas & Oil Drilling Services.
- Emergency Project Supplies.
- Project Support Services.

- Oilfield Drilling Chemicals and Mud’s.
- Oil field Drilling Equipment.
- Onshore Land Drilling Rigs.
- Offshore Oil field Drilling Rigs.

- Automation and Control.
- Flow Instrumentation.
- Laboratory Equipment.
- Instrumentation and Tools.
- Marine and Sub-sea Equipment.
- Process and Control Equipment.
- Wire line & Down hole Instruments.
- Offshore Instrumentation.

- Pumps, Parts and Accessories.
- Valves and Actuators.
- Pipe and Tubular Products.
- Hoses and Fluid Handling.

- Engines, Motors and Parts.
- Generators and Transformers.
- Lifting Equipment and Cranes.
- Lightings and Electrical Products.
- Mechanical and Electrical Parts.
- Welding and Cutting Equipment.

- Safety and Protection Equipment.
- Hazardous Area Supplies.
- Fire Protection Equipment.