About us

About us

Marmaram Industry & Petroleum is a company which:


  • Designs & fabricates with national/international manufacturers a wide range of oil, Gas and petrochemical equipment
  • Supply & Set up Turnkey industrial projects in the energy sector including building and utilities.
  • Design &Supply transmission/distribution lines & substations
  • Supply a very wide range of various industrial equipment, production machinery and electrical parts from all over the world to the Middle-East and Africa countries.

 All these activities are provided by a large team of engineers specialized in the mechanical & electrical field, professional industrialists and dealers.

We have built a strong market share, based on our skills in understanding the challenges and market complexities. We are applying and enhancing the experience gained in our own development with the up to date technology, so as to offer professional custom-built solutions with a maximum level of cost effectiveness and scalability.

Marmaram has strong capacity to serve customers from the product design and manufacturing level to complete turnkey project commission, training, maintenance, after sale services and consultancy. Our mission is our customer satisfaction.

Marmaram is looking ahead to the successes in accordance to long and deep professional experiences and expert team in a dynamic complex Market, keeping our hallmarks Technology, Team work and faithfulness.

Marmaram believes that we are a successful partner with our customers, as we are building a long term of strong relationships dealt with them. We are wiling to provide our rights of representation to corporations in Arab and African countries.

* Business understanding / Partnership with our customers, focusing on each individual customer to deliver quality solutions for specific mechanical, electrical & software needs.

*End-user focuses; market research and analysis, interactivity and feedback.
Performance: On-time, On-budget, Quality delivery. Fixed-price and fixed time agreements.

*Strong Project Management, thorough planning/budgeting, detailed reporting and accounting, formal and informal client interface.

*Market sector leadership: key supplier through our industrial history, experiment with always up to date technology in the main mechanically and electrically fields with substantial brand recognition.

*Know-how transfer: thorough understanding of end-users policies, structure, environments and complexities.

*Strong track record: 100% completion of project contract obligations, regular  
renewal of contracts, and success in award of public tenders.

*Operational Structure: on-site client interface and project management, off-site development facilitating flexibility, utmost customer care and competitive prices…

Size: Not too large, not too small, we can adjust to meet any scale of project or unexpected need.

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